Hello there!

I'm Jennifer (Ah-dee-soo-jaya) 👋

I'm a software engineer, spacecraft flight operator, and aspiring industry researcher. I embrace the unknown, love to think big, and am constantly learning.

My grad photo on the Northeastern Campus


I graduated from Northeastern University in December 2022. Thanks to the university's curriculum, I had several opportunities to grow my career, one of which I returned to for my full time job.

Now, I build software to operate spacecraft on Mars at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory 🚀. There, I am surrounded by some of the brightest minds, tackle never-before-seen problems, and explore the universe. Today, my work includes assessing data from the Curiosity rover, writing python scripts, tweaking React components, and managing databases in AWS. But tomorrow, I could be using AI models for pattern detection, deploying dashboards to track data on the DSN, or driving robots in the Mars Yard.


When I was younger I thought the hackers in spy movies were the coolest. From there, the seed was planted. 😎

I started taking a career in computer science seriously in high school, where I took AP Computer Science. As a fan of math, this class felt like an unique application of algebra.

I went on to apply for colleges to study Computer Science, and decided to attend Northeastern University. The move to Boston was daunting, but ended up being one of the best decisions I had ever made. I experienced seasons for the first time! But I also learned the foundations and many applications of computer science. My life began to revolve around coding.

Between the typical undergraduate semesters, I had internships at TIAA, NASA JPL, IBM, and Citibank. I believe going back and forth between classes and employment prepared me well for post-grad life.

Now, I'm back in Los Angeles and enjoying the amazing weather while I can!


I am a firm believer in trying to stimulate my physical and mental health every day.
My current rotation includes:
  • Doing the Apple News and NYT daily crosswords
  • Volleyball games Monday nights with my local recreational league
  • Playing violin in the Caltech Orchestra
  • Taking a workout class on the weekend
  • Building mileage as I train for a half marathon
Glad you made it this far! Found anything of interest? Feel free the reach out here !